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Feminine Yoga Teacher in Prayer Position When Teaching Yoga Class

About Me

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The simplest twists of fate can lead to the profoundest transformations. My name is Beth, I'm a Bristol-based yoga teacher, lifelong student, and passionate advocate for empowering women through yoga and cyclical awareness. This is my story of finding purpose, inner balance, and the beauty of interconnectedness.


My journey with yoga began by mistake. I thought I’d booked a luxurious yoga retreat, where there would be a lot of relaxing and not a lot of anything else. But life had other plans. My beach fantasy dissolved as I arrived at a traditional Ashram. But my shock quickly transformed to awe as I first experienced the spiritual power of yoga.


When I returned from my travels, I decided to delve deeper into yoga and wherever it took me. But things didn’t go immediately as planned. The troubles within my life begin to swell and surround me. I felt lost. But with a blossoming sense of spirituality as my guide, I enrolled in a yoga teacher training course and balance gradually returned to my life. 


As I worked through the inevitable obstacles that rise during any journey of worth, I began to realise my hormones were unbalanced. I started seeking a deeper understanding of my body and reproductive health. Everything I discovered astounded me. The lunar and menstrual cycle connection, our bodies' natural ebbs and flows that perfectly mirror the world around us and most of all, the realisation that I wasn’t just in sync with nature, I was part of it.


It was the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown and I’d completed my first month of a year-long yoga training programme. I was discovering the healing power of feminine approaches to yoga, finding solace in free movement, dancing and shaking to calm my nervous system. I spent hours in my garden reading non-dual tantra and gazing at cherry blossoms. Every second of life became study and every moment meaningful. 


Fast forward 11 months and I’d completed the teacher training course. My journey of growth and self-discovery was here to stay. I continued by enrolling in an Advanced Teacher Training, specialising in accessible yoga and women's health. A decision which shifted my practice, establishing a daily sadhana (spiritual practice) centred on pranayama, mantra, and meditation.The training illuminated the power of gentle, feminine yoga approaches—such as yin, restorative yoga, and Yoga Nidra—on our psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being. 


I’ve reached an understanding in my own practice that I now wish to share with others. I believe we are all divine and that yoga, cyclical awareness and empowering women's health on every level: physically, mentally, and spiritually, can help us unlock this. 


Join me as we embark on this transformative journey together, connecting with our inner rhythms and the awe-inspiring power of nature.

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Feminine yoga teacher teaching yoga class


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